Super Jet 12

About Super Jet 12

Super Jet: a ride for the whole family that can’t be missed!

This ride for kids and families is complete with 12 plane-shaped vehicles. All arms lift simultaneously or independently at the operator’s choice, but can also be controlled by passengers.

Each car is provided with real-life plane sounds, safety belts, and individual lifting control handles on the front seat.

As for all Sartori attractions, this ride can be decorated according to the client’s desire.

Available both trailer-mounted or park model!

Technical data

Size Ø 17 m x H 13 m (in operation H 13 m)
Lighting 8 kW approx.
Moving power 28 kW approx.
Ride speed 6/7 RPM approx.
Vehicles 12
Seat capacity 24
Hourly capacity 900 riders/hour approx.


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