Nova Coaster

About Nova Coaster

Suspended Coaster is one of the latest versions and innovations of Coasters in terms of emotions, exciting and thrilling sensations. Two trains with 10 Seats each ride on suspended legs, making exciting maneuvers, even upside down, give to passengers a matchless sensation of flying, even on a shorter track. The most thrilling and emotional ride for the best amusement park.

Portable version or Park model!

Technical data

Size 51 m x 35 m x H 24 m
Lighting 15 kW approx.
Moving power 96 kW approx.
Ride speed 17.7 m/s max. (40mph)
Acceleration 5g max.
Track length 422 m
Riding time 93″ approx.
Vehicles 2/3
Seats/train 10
Hourly capacity 1100/1500 riders/hour approx.


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