SUPER JET 8 RS/206/8 • Sartori Rides
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SUPER JET 8 RS/206/8


Size : Diameter mts 7 x 3 h Rotation speed : 6-7 RPM approx Voltage : suitable to local needs (standard 380/220 V) Total power : 12 kw approx Vehicles : 8 Total capacity : 32 seats Hourly capacity : 700 riders approx.

Family, Jet, Kiddie

This ride for children and family is complete with 8 assorted animal cars of 4 seats each for a total capacity of 32 riders. Each car is provided with sound, safety belts, individual lifting control handles on front seat. All arms lift simultaneously or independently at operator’s choice, so vehicles can be controlled by riders. Available for park and portable model, the ride can be customized with different themes.


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