SPINNING COASTER RS/720 • Sartori Rides
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Size : m 42 x 19 x 14h Moving power : 50 kw approx. Cars : 6 Total capacity : 24 seats Hourly capacity : 800/900 riders approx.

Coaster, Family, Family Coaster, Major

Spinning Coaster is the attraction where the whole family can get together for a fun ride. It is completed of independent base supports, not built using concrete foundations on the ground. Six vehicles run on a 420 mt. long track, starting from the station, it continues through a slop ramp to the highest spot, then a gravitational descent with 180° curves. The vehicles freely rotate around their vertical axle. The rotary movement combined with the speed of ascent and descent produces an exhilarating feeling to the passengers. It is available both park and portable model.


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