ROTO TECHNO RS/234 • Sartori Rides
ROTO TECHNO RS/234 • Sartori Rides
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Dimensions: during operation Ø m. 16.20 x 17 x 7.20 h Rotation speed: 8/9 rpm Lighting: 30 KW ca. Power: 130 KW ca. Vehicles: 12 Total capacity: 24 passengers Hourly capacity 700 riders approx..

Family, Major, Techno Rides, Thrill

The ride patented Sartori is one of the best seller attractions. Roto Techno is a thrilling ride, giving high emotion and the sensation of losing control. The ride rotates clockwise and counter-clockwise while arms go up and down and vehicles (at 2 seats each) turn freely. Decoration and lighting are customized; it is available both park and portable model and with 12 or 10 arms. It can be complete with platform, steps, fences and more lighting for special effects.

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