FERRIS WHEEL RS/140/20/C • Sartori Rides
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Dimensions: mt 17,8 x 8,5 x 20 h Vehicles: 14 gondolas Seats capacity: 56/70 passengers Loading: 3 gondolas at a time Unbalance: max. 3 gondolas Speed: 1,3 RPM Hourly capacity: 380 passengers/hour POWER (installed) Motors: 45 + 4 Kw Lights: 6 kw (standard package) Required for connection city line: 60 Kw (excluding lighting) Voltage: 380 Volts Set up : 4 persons 8 hours

Family, Ferris Wheel

This family attraction is the best solution for Carnival. Manufactured on a 3 axel semi-trailer, the Ferris Wheel 22mt is manufactured with an innovative system of opening and closing that allows to set up it at the trailer level. This is important for worker safety and for saving time. The Wheel rotates in both directions, with adjustable speed. Led lighting and colours effects let it sparkling in the night. This model is designed with 14 gondolas with 4/6 passengers, but the ride is available also with different height and more vehicles. Park model available.


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