CRAZY WORM RS/700 • Sartori Rides
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Size: mts 28 x 12,6 x 3,5 h. Moving power: kW 9 Lighting: kW 3 Rotation speed: 55 second approx. p.m. Cars: n. 6 Total capacity: 24 seats Hourly capacity: 700/800 riders approx.

Coaster, Family, Family Coaster, Kiddie

This is the best seller family coaster. The attraction is complete with 1 train with a worm shape with 6 cars, for a total capacity of 24 adults and it runs on 138 mt of rail. The attraction is decorated with bright bells and daises. It is available for park model but also in portable version. The ride can be customized also with dolphins and whales cars. It can be themed like mine style as the Mine Train RS/710/A, or with planes, like Plane Coaster RS/710/B.

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