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How we Work

How we Work 1


The first phase of rides production is design: Amusement rides are designed by a high skilled technical team composed by engineers and technicians. Thanks to innovative technologies our design projects are state-of-the-art, the basis for manufacturing high quality attractions.


The main phase is the manufacturing. Each part of attractions is produced on our factory, with high quality and certified materials and by a specialized team of workers: welders, mechanical assemblers, electricians and supervisors. Our mechanical devices are compliant with regulation in force. These guarantees reliability and safety of Sartori manufactures.

How we Work 2
How we Work 3


All amusement rides have fiberglass components that are made in our specific department. Also decoration is realized in factory. Decorators suggest a draft that can be customized according clients’ preferences and needs. Theme and decoration are chosen by clients.


The final step of manufacturing is ride test commissioning. All attractions are full approved before leaving the factory. Depending on the tests required, a team of supervisors checks and tests the ride in order to deliver attractions ready for operation.

How we Work 4