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Company 1

At the beginning

With little resources, but many sparkling ideas, Claudio Sartori started its company in the early ’50. Beginning with a flash of genius he invented and designed the very first car for children, specifically aimed for the amusement industry. His first reference market was Italian one, but in a short time he expanded his sales abroad, in U.S.A. and Russia.


Over the years, thanks to its creativity, passion for the Rides sector and the constant contact with customers, Sartori designed new type of amusement Rides, bringing trade requirement ahead of his time. Constant know how technology upgrade and improvements lead Sartori to develop a distinctive style, brought as an example to the highest levels amongst the amusement manufacturing sector.

Company 2
Company 3


Sartori Rides has become a brand, a byword of quality and reliability. Nowadays Massimo and Manuela Sartori take over the Company. They treasured of their father’s experience, bringing innovation to materials, technologies and new attractions projects.


Sartori Rides invests many resources for the training of their employees, considered essential for manufacture safe and high quality attractions. The mission of the Company is carry on the success gained thanks to the main focus: the Made in Italy, that means quality, safety and guarantee.

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